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The Chi-lites "have You Seen Her".MP3

Oh Girl - The Chi-lites.MP3

The Chi-lites - Have You Seen Her.MP3

The Chi-lites - Oh Girl.MP3

Write A Letter To Myself - The Chi Lites.MP3

Chi-lites - The Coldest Days Of My Life Part 1&2 Lyrics.MP3

The Chi-lites - Have You Seen Her.MP3

Best Songs Of The Chi Lites - The Chi Lites Greatest Hits - The Chi Lites Full Album.MP3

It's Time For Love - The Chi-lites.MP3

The Chi Lites "i Want To Pay You Back For Loving Me".MP3

The Chi-lites - Homely Girl.MP3

The Chi Lites Have You Seen Her.MP3

Chi Lites ~ Stoned Out Of My Mind.MP3

The Chi-lites - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.MP3

New! The Chi Lites, Live - "have You Seen Her" & "oh Girl" Hd.MP3